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Last week, on the same day as the Mortal Kombat 11 reveal, Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid was announced. While many onlookers at the time thought this was a bold move by nWay - the developer and publisher also responsible for the hit mobile game Power Rangers: Legacy Wars - it turns out this reveal was not intended.

Hasbro, Lionsgate and nWay planned to announce the new Power Rangers fighting game on 22nd January (a week later) until a YouTube channel uploaded the game’s trailer and press release ahead of schedule. It led the creators behind the game with no choice but to embrace the moment. While the response so far has been “good” for most parts, during a recent interview with DualShockers, Senior Product Manager Jesse Cherry reassured fans the game was not a cheap, quick and nasty mobile port and was instead being “made from the ground up” for modern consoles.

In saying this, some tech is being borrowed from the mobile game Legacy Wars to improve the match-making and cross-play features in Battle for the Grid. The goal is to deliver a quality fighting experience that matches other popular fighting games already available on home consoles. One other essential part of the development outside of the game’s match-making is the animation - with the aim to create full movement, previously unseen in the mobile game. Cherry noted how nWay had taken great care when recreating animations based on the source material.

As for why this game is being released on consoles, according to Cherry, it’s all to do with fan demand and people wanting to play a Power Rangers game with a controller:

“Constantly in our mentions and comments, people were asking ‘can we get a full controller, Marvel vs. Capcom style fighting game for consoles. That’s what spurred [Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid] on”

The cross-platform fighting game arrives on the Switch eShop this April. For more details about this upcoming release and how to pre-order it, check out our previous post. If you haven’t already seen it, below is the game’s official trailer:

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[via dualshockers.com]