A brand new co-op puzzle game called Bleep Bloop is soon to be released on Nintendo Switch and we've got a new trailer for you to check out above.

The game sees the titular Bleep and Bloop helping each other to overcome the puzzling challenges in their way, using each other to successfully slide around each level. Described as a "light-hearted and playful puzzle game about working together", Bleep Bloop allows players to take on the challenge alone by controlling both characters, or to share the experience with a friend.

Publisher Zerouno Games says that while the game is easy to learn, the puzzles will still put up a fair challenge. Here's a feature list to give you a little more info:


- Enough levels to keep you entertained during a lazy Sunday, but not enough to make you wish the game had ended already.
- Beautiful soundtrack that makes getting stuck on a level a bit less painful.
- Perfect for single-player or two-player coop. Yelling at each other doesn't improve your puzzle-solving skills, but it's always fun.
- Features a small secret hidden somewhere. Go look for it.

The game is scheduled to launch on Nintendo Switch and Steam on 31st January; a price hasn't been revealed just yet.

Are you on the lookout for a new couch co-op game? Does this one look like a perfect fit? Let us know if you're interested in the comments.