Nintendo Switch Micro SD Card Slot

The Nintendo Switch is a fine piece of gaming hardware, and host to some incredible titles. However, one of its biggest weaknesses is a lack of storage space; it comes with just 32GB of internal storage, of which only 25GB is actually accessible by the end user.

That's such a low amount of space that certain games won't even fit on it, and thanks to the many downloadable patches you'll have to install to make games function properly, you'll run into this issue even if you buy nothing but physical games. The answer? You need to invest in a Micro SD card.

But how do you install this card, you may ask? A cursory glance at the console doesn't reveal any obvious place for the Micro SD card slot to be. Thankfully, it's actually very easy to locate, at least when you know how.

See that flap at the back which acts as a kickstand? When you open it, you'll also notice a slot which – when you first buy your Switch – will be empty. No prizes for guessing what goes in there.

Inserting a Micro SD card can be a bit fiddly, so you'll want to do it with the logo facing up. Push the card into the slot until it makes a reassuring clicking sound. If you're still unsure, then consult the video below.