Tower defence-strategy title Defense Grid 2 launches on Nintendo Switch early next month, it has been confirmed.

This new edition of the game (it originally launched on other platforms back in 2014) combines the base game with the five-mission expansion 'DG2: Aftermath' which was previously only available in VR. You'll therefore have dozens of maps and hundreds of tower defence missions to complete while simultaneously going for top spot on the leaderboards.

The game is said to feature "an expansive story filled with colourful personalities and a wide variety of challenges suited for beginners and pros alike". The Switch version makes use of the console's split Joy-Con nicely by allowing players to team up, one controller each; you can always play the entire campaign on your own if you prefer, though.

Defense Grid 2 arrives on Switch on 7th February; pre-orders start from 25th January. If you do decide to pre-order, you'll be able to secure 10% off the $19.99 retail price.

Does this one look like your kind of thing? Will you be teaming up with a friend or going solo? Let us know in the comments.