Serenity Forge and publisher Graffiti Games have announced that the award-winning platformer The King's Bird will be soaring onto Nintendo Switch next month.

The King's Bird is described as a momentum-driven, precision-platforming game in which players must use aerial movements to dash, glide, and flow through a mysterious world with precision and grace. The official blurb for the game states that "to discover the truth about their freedom, players must use their skills to escape into a world kept secret by a mysterious tyrant".

You can see the game in action in the trailer above; it certainly does look like it could be a winner to us, and players on Steam seem to agree, giving the game a "very positive" rating since its release on the platform last summer.


- Fluid gameplay that provides a seamless experience both on the ground and in the air
- A strong focus on the beauty of movement and nature
- A world populated by mystical birds and other creatures
- A strong female protagonist
- Incredible soaring mechanics and a beautiful, mystical soundtrack create a zen-like experience

The game comes to consoles on 12th February and will be priced at $19.99.

Are you ready to take flight on Switch? Does this look like your sort of game? Let us know in the comments.