Indie developer Happy Corruption has revealed that its upcoming twin-stick shooter Space Cows will be heading to Nintendo Switch next year.

In this fast-paced twin-stick shooter, you'll be playing as a friendly farmer who happily lives at a farm with his beloved cow Betsy. Unfortunately, Betsy gets taken away to an infested milk station, leaving you with no choice but to go on a journey saving cows and fighting "mootants" with a laser-scoped toilet plunger. As you do.

If you feel up to the challenge, check out these screens and feature list below. If you're not excited - or at least slightly amused - by the thought of battling an "epic endgame boss to rescue your beloved cow", then there's just no helping you.


- Whack some mootants with a toilet plunger!
- Wibble wobble in zero gravity.
- Clash with champions – bigger, smarter, deadlier!
- Look for and save cows by mastering minigames.
- Overrun by swarm?! Dash your way out or unleash bullet-hell of Fire Plungers!
- Catch a breath while collecting milk and avoiding obstacles.
- For precise hits use SlowMootion!
- Enjoy obligatory vehicle and stealth sequences
- Use the environment – lure or smack enemies onto deadly hazards!
- Push and pull objects out of your way
- Battle Epic Endgame Boss to rescue your beloved cow

A specific date for the game's release hasn't been shared just yet; the news comes from this teaser tweet below.

Does this sound crazy enough to go on your Switch wishlist? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.