Autorunning party platformer Joggernauts is being treated to a tasty update today on Nintendo Switch, adding new levels, changes to its modifier system, and some lovely new characters.

The new characters you can expect to find come from a selection of other indie titles that you've likely already heard of, mostly because they're all excellent games in their own right. We have Cowpokes from West of Loathing, Hue and Val from Runbow, and CommanderVideo from BIT.TRIP Runner.

- Cowpokes (West of Loathing). He was found in a makeshift saloon, which is odd because normally space ships don't have saloons, and definitely not in their cargo rooms. I mean, there was that one TNG episode, but... well, nevermind.

- Hue and Val (Runbow). They were discovered trying to turn a box of Switchalizer 5000s into some sort of color-based racing game.

- CommanderVideo (BIT.TRIP Runner). He managed to climb a set of stairs, slide into an escape pod, and land on the moon Splizorp. He should be easy to find in one of the new levels, though.

Accommodating these three new characters are three brand new levels, and we've also been treated to an updated modifiers menu and some difficulty changes. The modifiers menu can now be accessed from the pause menu during level play, and the team has worked hard to subtly reduce the game's steep learning curve through feedback from players.

So, what are you waiting for? Make sure to update your copy of the game to enjoy these new features. Alternatively, if you don't own it yet, you can find it on the eShop for $14.99 / £13.49.

Do you own Joggernauts on Switch? Will you be trying out these new characters? Tell us below.