Nintendo has relaunched its Japanese portal site for the Fire Emblem franchise, giving fans of the series a chance to look over its entire history, and giving us more reason to believe that some fresh new info for upcoming projects is surely on the horizon.

You can check out the site for yourself here if you're interested; you'll find write-ups for some of the franchise's most famous characters, a blog section which gets updated with news, and a gorgeous timeline of Fire Emblem's history complete with high-quality artwork and trailers for each game (similar to the recently-launched Castlevania website from Konami).

A screenshot of the Fire Emblem site's history timeline
A screenshot of the Fire Emblem site's history timeline

Of course, just last week, Nintendo also annouced a brand new Fire Emblem Expo event set to take place in Japan next summer. With Fire Emblem: Three Houses still scheduled to arrive on Switch in spring 2019, and Nintendo clearly driving the brand forward with these new areas, the signs are certainly pointing towards a tasty reveal or two over the coming weeks or months - perhaps we'll soon get a solid release date?

Are you excited to experience your next Fire Emblem adventure on Switch? Do you hope that Nintendo's recent interest in the franchise means that good things are on the way? Tell us below.

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