Horror adventure game Viviette is set to spook a Nintendo Switch near you next week, it has been confirmed.

Blending exploration, puzzles, and "a touch of classic horror", Viviette will have you uncovering the secrets and mysteries of Neuville's Mansion. You'll need to test your logic against diverse puzzles, locate and use a variety of items, and try to keep your sense of direction - the navigation itself becomes an obstacle in your path.

The game first launched on PC just a couple of months ago, with this new Switch release serving as the only way to experience the game on console. As well as the puzzles mentioned above, you'll soon learn to be wary of the "monster" - which can appear anywhere at any time - and you can work towards three different game endings. The game's blurb sets the scene nicely:

Your mind is foggy... Confused... You wake to find yourself in a hospital bed. Something happened... Something at Neuville Mansion that affected you and your friends... You must remember!

Diving into the murky and muddled memories of your past as you are sucked into an immersive exploration-horror experience. Unravel the mysteries and forgotten events of a place haunted and consumed by secrets, as you find mysterious documents that only hint at its tragic and macabre past...

There is No Map and No Help. Just you, your alchemical lamp... and… “something” else...

The game arrives on Switch on 20th December and will be available for $9.99. It has received "very positive" reviews on Steam since its October launch.

Do you like the look of this one? Are you feeling brave enough to explore the mansion and fend off the monster? Let us know your thoughts down below.