Inertia Games Studios has revealed that its upcoming multiplayer party title Catastronauts will be arriving on Switch later this month.

The game is described as "a fast-paced, chaotic couch co-op experience" with one to four players assuming the role of an intergalactic starfleet, locked in an epic battle with an invading enemy vessel and unrelenting disaster.

Players will need to keep their craft together by putting out fires, repairing systems, and loading and firing space cannons, much of which can only be done by working as a team. The whole thing seems like it could be a lovely little blend of Overcooked 2 and Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime - we'll have to see how it plays when it launches.

Catastronauts arrives on the European eShop on 24th December, with the North American release coming just after on 3rd January 2019.

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