Battle Princess

After several delays and a whole lot of confusion, upcoming retro side-scroller Battle Princess Madelyn has received a final, confirmed release date for Nintendo Switch. North American fans can pick it up later this week on 20th December, while those in Europe will get it slightly later on 7th January.

The game was originally planned to release earlier this month, just one day before that little game called Super Smash Bros. Ultimate hit store shelves. Unfortunately, a delay pushed it back by another week to accommodate an early patch, before an "unavoidable" second delay was announced due to publisher clearance timings.

The news comes from an official press release which states that both Nintendo of America and Nintendo of Europe have now approved both the main game and the necessary patch for the dates mentioned above. We'll have our official verdict of the title ready for you, in the form of a written review, here on the site in the coming days.

Will you be grabbing this one the second it becomes available? Are you happy for short delays to occur if changes need to be made? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.