Shmup aficionados can circle their calendars on 28th November, the date that R-Type Dimensions EX releases on the Switch eShop, at long last adding Irem's revered, evil alien empire shooter to the ever-growing list of shoot 'em ups on Nintendo's hybrid system.

If you're unfamiliar with this iteration of Irem's classic, know that it is an enhanced port of the critically acclaimed PS3/Xbox 360 release developed by Tozai Games back in 2014. It combines all eight levels from R-Type and the six from R-Type II to provide the ultimate shmup experience, with an on-the-fly choice of the original arcade graphics or the all-new and shiny 2.5D polygonal makeover. In a nod to R-Type Leo, this version also allows for two-player co-op, something that was never possible with the original games.

Newcomers to the series can play in 'Infinite Mode' - shifting the odds in favour of the R9 pilot with infinite lives, level select, and even instant one button full power-ups - and a new trailer has been released to mark the occasion which you can view above.

As the old saying goes (or at least it did in the original game poster) 'IT BEGINS IN DEEP SPACE WARPED BY EVIL POWER'. Will you sign up to pilot the R9 Arrowhead come 28th November, or will you let Bydo win? The comments section is your star field.