Developer Empyrean and publisher Fat Dog Games have revealed that the upcoming murder scene clean-up game Body of Evidence will be scrubbing its way to Switch in "Q1 2019".

The game sees you step into the shoes of a dead body disposal expert as you answer the call of local business owners, friends, and criminals who have "messes" that require your, erm... unique skills. You'll be scrubbing, mopping, and bagging up the evidence in every scene until it looks like nothing ever happened, and each job will earn you cash which can be spent on new supplies for more complex scenes.

Things aren't quite as easy as simply cleaning, however; each scenario has you working against the clock, and you'll need to return the scene to normal before anyone else discovers it. You can check out the game's feature list and screenshots below.

- Gruesome fun as you drag and hide the ragdolled bodies!
- A strange collection of characters and scenarios
- Wicked sense of humor and packed with pop culture references
- Multiple ways to pass the levels
- Restock your supplies at your local Warmart
- Bloody scenes in low-poly graphics

No release date beyond the previously mentioned Q1 2019 has been shared just yet, but we do know that the game is set to release for $19.99.

Does this look like an interesting plot for a game to you? Will you be scrubbing up on Switch when the game launches next year? Let us know below.