Epic Games has continued to refine and improve its free-to-play battle royale mode in Fortnite to help give it the edge over any potential competitors. It's this fun and accessible design that sets it apart from the rest - with the addition of trolleys, llama piñatas and plenty of funny character costumes.

In the latest patch - version 6.21, balloons have been added. There are no surprises for guessing what this item does. With it, you can float high up into the sky and avoid battles altogether. Based on the trailer, the more balloons you have, the higher you go. You can also release balloons to lower yourself. If your character is shot out of the sky, there might even be a chance to break your fall by crafting something on the way down. Take a look at the clip above to see balloons in action on the battlefield.

Do you play Fortnite? Would you consider giving it a go now that balloons have been added? Tell us below.

[via epicgames.com]