The last few years have seen a steady rise in retro-style games flooding the modern market, with the Switch already being home to countless 8-bit and 16-bit adventures all desperately trying to pull you in with their nostalgia-inducing ways. Sometimes, these games are truly something special (Octopath Traveler, Owlboy, and The Messenger - here's looking at you) and this upcoming title from Aloft Studio could well follow in their footsteps.

Hazelnut Bastille clearly takes a huge amount of inspiration from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, and perhaps the Zelda series as a whole. As you can see in the trailer above, everything from the graphical style, the use of items, the gameplay, and the soundtrack, all provide an instant throwback to Link's early adventure. The game's story follows a young girl who finds herself going on a quest to distant lands, braving terrible odds in the hopes of finding something that was taken from her.

You'll find yourself playing through all the gameplay elements you've likely come to expect, such as combat, puzzles, side quests, and dungeons, and the team behind the game has revealed that Secret of Mana composer Hiroki Kikuta has leant a hand to the project as a guest appearance. We actually spoke to the devs working on the game back in March - when the game was first revealed to be headed to the console - so make sure to catch up with that interview if you want to learn more.

The game's Kickstarter will be going live on 23rd October at 5am PT / 8am ET / 1pm BST / 2pm CEST, and you can check out more details from the game's official website if you're interested. The studio has confirmed that physical copies of the game will be available to backers, although specific details likely won't be revealed until the campaign goes live next week.

Do you like the look of what you see from the trailer and images above? Are you considering backing the project to help it come to Switch?