Indie developer Rainy Frog has announced Puzzle Wall for Nintendo Switch, a brand new party-style puzzle game that will arrive later this month.

As you can see in the trailer above, Puzzle Wall tasks players with recreating body shapes presented on screen, all in the hopes of successfully making their way through a giant wall that comes hurtling towards you on screen. The whole thing reminds us of UK TV game show 'Hole in the Wall', in which various celebrities were thrown into embarrassing outfits before being smacked by a giant wall of polystyrene.

A look at the poor celebrities playing UK game show 'Hole in the Wall'
A look at the poor celebrities playing UK game show 'Hole in the Wall'

Players take hold of a Joy-Con in each hand, moving their arms to perfectly line themselves up with the gap in the wall. The walls start off relatively easy, but each gap gets smaller and smaller and every wall will start to arrive at a slightly quicker pace. You can either practice the game on your own, or join in with some friends to see who can last the longest before being wiped out.

Here's a little more detail on the modes you can play, and some lovely screenshots for good measure.

Four types of games: Classic, High Speed, Memory and Mirror will keep you on your toes.

Three game modes:

Practice and aim for the highest score.
Split screen head-to-head action! The pressure mounts as the walls keep coming!
Arms & Legs:
Control the movement of the left or right arm, or the left or right leg with a single Joy-Con.
Each time the round finishes the limb you control changes (but you're not told to which one).
Quickly find your arm/leg and move it to fit through the gap as the wall approaches.
The winner is the person who lasts the longest.

The game releases on Switch on 25th October for $7.99 / €7.99 / £6.99, with pre-orders set to go live on 11th October.

Will you be striking a pose for this one? Let us know your thoughts below.