Multiple Japanese retail listings have revealed that Nightshade - an otome visual novel currently available on PC and PS Vita - is headed to Switch in the region this December.

The game follows a story set in Japan soon after the Sengoku Period, with players following the romances between its protagonist and other main characters. While the story is fictional, several characters and events are actually factual, giving players an insight into Japanese history along the way.

The story contains "a compelling tale of conflicting loyalties", with all of the five main characters having two possible endings each. These endings are determined by the route the player chooses to take, resulting in a change of ending movie and music changes.

While there is no confirmation of a western release just yet, the Switch version of the game in Japan will support English language options; if the game doesn't make it to your country of choice, a quick download from a Japanese eShop account (or an import from an online retailer) should do the trick nicely.

The game arrives in Japan on 20th December in both physical and digital formats.

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