If you've been playing Super Mario Party over the last few days, you've probably already started to hear the words "Ready... Yeah!" in your dreams (or nightmares). If you're unaware, a feature in the game has players regularly giving each other high fives for extra coins or time in different modes, with the characters on screen performing said high five with all of the cuteness and happiness you might expect.

But what happens if you downright refuse to congratulate your teammates for a good job, and instead leave them hanging like the world's saddest Disneyland mascot? Well, as it turns out, each character has their own disgruntled response, and seeing Mario and co. get genuinely annoyed at your lack of cooperation is strangely enjoyable to watch.

You can see all of the different refusals in this video from BeardBear on YouTube (but bear in mind that some characters shown in this video aren't available from the start of the game).

We're not sure why you'd want to refuse the high five - and therefore give up on the extra moolah that comes as a result - but at least you can enjoy these animations if you mess up and miss the timing.

We've just realised that sharing this will likely result in thousands of Mario characters around the world being left without high fives as part of your own experiments and, for that, we're truly sorry.