When the action strategy title Fear Effect: Sedna was released earlier this year on the eShop, it didn't quite hit the mark. Fortunately, not long after this, Square Enix Collective revealed the original PlayStation game that first arrived in 2000 was being remastered for multiple platforms including the Nintendo Switch.

Sushee - the French studio behind Fear Effect Reinvented - said it wanted to capture the spirit and atmosphere of the classic action-adventure game, but at the same time modernise it with drastically improved high-definition visuals, controls and exciting extras. It also promised to keep the original fixed camera angles intact.

Although we still don't have a release date, the team behind the Fear Effect remaster have released a new batch of screenshots to promote the game's demo that's playable at Paris Games Week this weekend. There's also the existing teaser trailer above.


Are you looking forward to Fear Effect Reinvented arriving on the Switch? Did you play the original game? Tell us below.

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