Today sees the release of Fortnite version 6.10, bringing the usual dose of weekly updates to the game's performance and a whole new way to play.

Perhaps the biggest inclusion from this latest patch is the addition of in-game tournaments. A new 'Events' tab has been added to the game, with a list of tournaments displayed that are available to everyone. You can sign up to a tournament with your chosen squad of friends, before taking on the world in ranked battles. You can see it for yourself in the video below (there's even a mention of prizes being given out in the future).

Next up is the Quadcrasher. This two-seater vehicle can propel you and friend right into the heart of the battle, with boost being accumulated just by driving. Your boost allows to smash through buildings, saving your precious ammo, and you can even launch players into the air by smashing into them. Again, a new video has been shared to show more.

There's more, too; a new 'Disco Domination' limited-time mode has been added, where players must fight to take over dancefloors scattered around the map before grooving away to those sick beats - or whatever the kids say these days. Dancing builds your team's meter, and the team that fills their meter the fastest by capturing and defending the dance floors will win the match.

The usual CPU performance optimisations have also found their way into the patch, with the Switch specifically being treated to a "smoother gameplay experience and fewer hitches."

Will you be dropping in to have a look at the new changes? Let us know below.