Detective Case And Clown Bot IMG 2

Nerd Monkey studios confirmed that they are bringing both point & click adventures of Detective Case and Clown Bot to Nintendo's hybrid console. Released back in 2014, the original Murder In Hotel Lisbon took the duo to the capital of Portugal to investigate a strange suicide where the victim stabbed himself fourteen times in the back while earlier this year the improbable pair bought train tickets to solve the mystery of The Express Killer.

Unique and humorous character designs mixed with famous Portuguese sights ensured both games gathered a cult following in their homeland and an extensively nurtured English translation ensured the humour survived the localization. When a release date is eventually announced, Detective Case and Clown Bot will be rubbing elbows with other Switch offerings within the genre like Thimbleweed Park and The Darkside Detective.

Were you previously familiar with the zany misadventures of Detective Case and Clown Bot? Will you be attempting to solve these two peculiar cases when they land on the Switch? Answer below or we will send Agent Garcia over to work out your confessions.