Back in March, Niantic introduced a variety of new research quests to Pokémon GO. These basically serve as daily and weekly quests you can complete to earn a bunch of awesome rewards.

Special research quests are a little different. They're permanent events that provide you with a unique reward – in this instance the mythical Pokémon Mew.

All you have to do to add this elusive Pokémon to your collection is to complete the narrative-driven quest "A Mythical Discovery". In this guide, we'll walk you through it step-by-step to speed things along.

How do special research quests work?

The primary difference between a special research quests and the other types, is that this one involves completing eight different stages to get to the grand prize. Each stage involves a number of different steps to complete too, so it's a little more time-consuming.

A good thing about taking on special research quests is that they'll encourage you to explore each of the different aspects of the game, so by the end you'll have a far greater knowledge of how Pokémon GO works.

We'll now walk you through each of the stages of A Mythical Discovery to help you complete it in record time.

A Mythical Discovery Walkthrough

Stage One

Quest Reward
Spin Five PokéStops 500 XP
Catch 10 Pokémon 500 XP
Transfer Five Pokémon 500 XP
Completion: 10 Great Balls / Incubator / Three Lure Modules

Stage Two

Quest Reward
Earn Two Candy While Walking Your Buddy 1,000 XP
Make 10 Great Throws 1,000 XP
Hatch Three Eggs 1,000 XP
Completion: 2,000 Stardust / Three Incense / 20 Great Balls

Stage Three

Quest Reward
Reach Trainer Level 15 1,500 XP
Battle In Two Raids 1,500 XP
Battle In A Gym Twice 1,500 XP
Completion: Fast TM / Charge TM / Two Star Pieces

Stage Four

Quest Reward
Earn The Kanto Silver Medal 2,000 XP
Evolve 20 Pokémon 2,000 XP
Earn Five Candy While Walking Your Buddy 2,000 XP
Completion: 4,000 Stardust / Three Lure Modules / 20 Great Balls

Stage Five

Quest Reward
Catch Ditto 2,500 XP
Catch 10 Ghost-Types 2,500 XP
Perform 20 Great Throws 2,500 XP
Completion: Premium Raid Pass / Lucky Egg / 15 Revives

Stage Six

Quest Reward
Reach Trainer Level 25 3,000 XP
Evolve A Magikarp 3,000 XP
Perform 10 Raids 3,000 XP
Completion: 6,000 Stardust / Five Rare Candies / Three Incense

Stage Seven

Quest Reward
Catch 50 Pokémon Using A Berry 3,500 XP
Earn A Kanto Gold Medal 3,500 XP
Perform An Excellent Curve Throw 3,500 XP
Completion: 8,000 Stardust / Five Great Balls / Mew

Stage Eight

Quest Reward
Catch Mew 4,000 XP / 10,000 Stardust / Super Incubator / 20 Mew Candy