The last three weeks have played host to Splatoon 2's first ever tournament-structured Splatfest, with all four Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles battling it out through first round stages, and then a grand final. This final ended yesterday and the results are now in.

After knocking out Team Mikey in the first round, Team Donnie went on to defeat Team Raph in the final, winning both Solo and Team matches while losing out on the popularity contest - a result formula consistent with almost every Splatfest to date.

We're unsure whether we'll be seeing more tournament-style Splatfests in the future, but we're definitely up for it if it means that we can get our hands on even more of those tasty Super Sea Snails.

Did you take part? Did you like the tournament structure? Feel free to shout out your opinions in the comments below.

[via twitter.com]