You've almost definitely played as Mario, and you've probably (poorly) imitated his voice on multiple occasions throughout your life, but now you can actually play as the man behind Mario's voice in what must be one of the weirdest, but most wonderful, cameos to ever exist.

Runner3 is scheduled to launch on 22nd May, bringing the series' classic auto-running, platforming goodness to the Switch for the first time, and this newly-announced inclusion isn't actually as surprising as you might initially think. In previous instalments from the series, Martinet starred as the narrator, lending his voice to a project with slightly fewer 'mamma mias".

Charles isn't the only cool addition the game's roster, though; the likes of Shovel Knight, Dave from Woah Dave!, and Eddie Riggs from Brütal Legend are all shown off at the end of the trailer above, too.


Are you a fan of the Runner games? Will you be strutting your stuff as the wonderfully lovely Charles Martinet? Let us know down below.