UPDATE: Yes indeed, as everyone and their dog guessed, this is our April Fool's for this year. We hope you got a bit of a giggle out of it!

ORIGINAL ARTICLE: Nintendo has somewhat divided many of its fans with its new Labo line of toys/peripherals, with many claiming it's a great way to get kids interested in coding and just as many complaining that it's overpriced and doesn't appeal to them personally.

A recent leaked video from a LinkedIn profile may prove to sway some minds though, as the Labo range only looks to be expanding further and into even more varied avenues. It's bold of the big N to branch out this widely, likely in an attempt to bring in as broad a demographic as possible, so only time will tell if it'll work in practice.

Check out the leaked video above to see it all for yourself and let us know if you've been swayed by these new kits in the comments below.