With a lack of Super Smash Bros. on Nintendo Switch at the moment, alternative brawlers such as Brawlout have helped fill that over-the-top fighting action void in our hearts. Developer Angry Mob Games is still hard at work supporting the title, and it's just submitted its latest patch to Nintendo for approval. And it's a biggie, too.

When it finally hits Switch, it'll bring in a 1v1 ranked mode for testing your true mettle online, which uses the basic rules of Competitive mode with a few extra tweaks to make it a purely defensive affair. Character Paco gets a character variant makeover with the shark-esque Mako, and those annoying Brawler Pinatas have been removed entirely.

Video capture will be added, so you clip those awesome knockout moments, while Dash Dancing (among many other tweaks to gameplay) will help mix up your in-fight movement repertoire. You can check all the full additions and changes via the patch notes right here.

What do you make of Brawlout's new proposed changes? Is it a worthy alternative to Super Smash Bros. while you wait for the Switch version to arrive? Let us know in the comments section below...