Mango Protocol has announced Agatha Knife, a dark and satirical narrative adventure game launching on Nintendo Switch on April 26th.

Agatha is a seven year old insomniac torn between her friendship with animals and her love for eating steaks and sausages. Stumbling across religion, Agatha realises it could be just the tool she needs to quash the animals' fear of death, and undertakes the challenge of creating a new religion of her own, Carnivorism.

Your job is to help Agatha convince the animals that the sacrifice of their flesh is the secret to eternal happiness (a very controversial narrative, indeed) as you explore the game's fully hand-crafted art and dark humour. The game is said to contain around 6-8 hours of gameplay, and will support both traditional controls and touchscreen input. It was actually released on Steam last year and has received very positive user reviews.

Agatha Knife is now available to pre-order with a 17% discount on Nintendo eShop in America ($9.99, regular price $11.99), and the very same pre-order discount will be available in Europe and Australia starting 14th April.

Will you be joining Agatha in her quest? Let us know your thoughts down below.