Nintendo Switch is fast becoming the place for interesting and unusual new games, and Another Sight from Lunar Great Wall Studios looks to carry on that oddball tradition. Inspired by Neverwhere (a TV series that was adapted into a best-selling fantasy novel by author Neil Gaiman), Another Sight places you in the shoes of a plucky teenager called Kit and a rather mysterious cat by the name of Hodge.

It's set in a dark and twisted version of Victorian London, so expect plenty of Gothic overtones for good measure. Since this is only a tease we don't know if Kit and Hodge will actually visit 'Neverwhere' (the underground city beneath London that serves as a home to all manner of peculiar creatures), but you will get to visit a hidden society of the world’s greatest inventors and artistic minds such as Claude Monet, Jules Verne and other long-past cultural icons.

There's no fixed release date yet, with Lunar Great Wall Studios simply hinting that it's, "Coming soon." Let us know what you make of that little tease and whether this one has you intrigued for more...