Bag maker WaterField has been producing superb storage and travel options for Nintendo fans since the days of the 3DS, and has already given us an excellent Switch option. However, the company clearly sees room for improvement in everything it makes, as it has just released the new, larger SwitchPack carry case - and wouldn't you know it, our video expert Alex has put one through its paces.

The big plus points here are additional security for your Switch (it's now concealed behind a zipper) and enough room to house a small family. Yes, this bag may look dinky, but don't allow that to fool you - there's enough room inside to not only store your Switch, but the official dock as well!

If you like what you see then, erm, tough - the WaterField SwitchPack case is completely sold out at the time of writing. However, we'd imagine that the company will be starting a second production run soon, so keep your eye on the official site for more news.