It's fair to say that we're really excited about how Fox n Forests is shaping up. Inspired heavily by the golden age of 2D platformers, German developer Bonus Level appears to be doing a fine job with its gorgeous, season-changing action game after a successful Kickstarter campaign way back in August 2016. It's due to launch on Switch in Spring this year, which is technically anytime now. 

To celebrate this impending release, the lovely folks over at Bonus Level have shared a new gameplay video from level 1:2 of the game, known as Gorgeous Gorge, which you can watch above.

The game definitely brings to mind memories of SNES classics such as Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts, but this melancholic, maze-like mountain stage with season-changing potential certainly has its own character - and lots of secrets to discover, too.

Are you looking forward to Fox n Forests? Let us know if you'll be buying this on day one with a comment below.