As is usually the case, this weekend will introduce some additional content for Splatoon 2, giving players even more to think about when deciding upon their splatting strategies. This time around we have a new stage and a new weapon being added to the mix.

Piranha Pit is a map making its return from the original Splatoon. Located in a quarry, this map was notable for having each team's base incredibly close to one other, with a wide central section featuring a number of conveyor belts.

In addition to this we have the introduction of the Sorella Brella. It will come with the Autobomb as its sub weapon, and the deadly Splat-Bomb Launcher as its special, potentially providing a great offensive and defensive combination for those wishing to use it.

As usual, the update will likely kick in at 6pm Pacific / 9pm Eastern on Friday (30th March), which means the early hours of Saturday morning (2am UK / 3am CET) in Europe.

Will you be checking out all of the new content this weekend?