Ah, the ol' rumour merry go round. One minute we're wondering whether a game will be coming to Nintendo Switch, only for the developer to flat out deny the rumours. Then reliable sources confirm said game really is coming to the console. What a mess.

So the game is question is Diablo 3 - yes, that almost six-year-old dungeon crawler from Blizzard - and following on from a cute tease that saw a video with a Diablo-shaped nightlight being 'switched' on and off (and the subsequent official response that quashed the rumours that rose from it) it turns out the game really is on its way to Nintendo Switch.

According to Eurogamer, sources close to the project confirmed the rumour to be true, but weren't able to confirm if the port will include the Reaper Of Souls and Rise Of The Necromancer expansions that were released in the intervening years.

So it's not official official just yet, but EG's sources tend to be pretty spot on, so best make space on your Switch for this one (unless you've played it to death on myriad other platforms). Let us know what you make of the news below...

[via eurogamer.net]