More fuel has been added to the rumours surrounding the release date of LEGO The Incredibles on Nintendo Switch, with a new listing on Amazon Canada stating a release date of 15 June with a price tag of CAN $79.99 (£44). So is this a legit date or just placeholder?

June has indeed been used as a placeholder date in the past, but the specific date leads us to suspect it might be the real deal, especially when you consider The Incredibles 2 will hit cinemas worldwide the day before on the 14th June. LEGO games tied to a current film tend to launch around the same time (such as LEGO Jurassic World, which launched within a day of its film counterpart).

So what do YOU think? Is the LEGO version of The Incredibles bound to touch down this summer, is it another baseless rumour? Have your say, people...