Indie studio Strength in Numbers has revealed that its forthcoming horror title Kaet Must Die! is coming to the Nintendo Switch.

Described by the developer as the most "brutal, unforgiving game ever made" and packed with "plenty of jump scares and unlimited deaths thrown in for good measure", Kaet Must Die! is a horror puzzle game which is viewed from a first-person perspective. Placed in the role of psionicist Kaetheran, you must survive the onslaught of deadly creatures long enough to regain your powers and fight your way to freedom.

Strength in Numbers CEO, Scott Rescheke, said:

Be prepared to die. A lot. Kaet Must Die! was designed to punish players with its over-the-top difficulty and to appeal to those hungry for a true challenge. We’re looking forward to seeing lots of games journalists die, and die again when we show off the game at this year’s GDC.

The Steam version launches on April 5th, with Switch and Xbox One editions to follow. Does this look like it might be your cup of tea? As ever, we want to know - so share your thoughts with a comment below.