Two Tribes' avian adventures have spent plenty of time on Nintendo consoles, having appeared on 3DS, Wii U and Game Boy Colour, and now the original Toki Tori is following in its sequel's footsteps by making the jump to the Nintendo Switch eShop on 30th March (with a 10% pre-order/launch discount for good measure).

If you've never played one before (honestly, where have you been?) you take control of the titular Toki Tori, a surprisingly heroic chicken, as he puzzles his way through 80-plus levels spread over five unique worlds. Said avian isn't very athletic and can't even jump, but thankfully he has some great tools at his disposal, including the Telewarp, Freeze-o-Matic and InstantRock. Two Tribes is touting this as the, "the most detailed portable version of the game so far," and with a price tag under £5/$5, it's not a hard sell if you're new to the world of chicken-based antics.

Will you be adding this to your collection at the end of the week, or have you already played it enough on other Nintendo platforms? Let us know below...