The HORI Portable Table Mode USB Hub Stand isn't the first such accessory for the Switch that we've seen, but it might be one of the most anticipated due to it being from a trusted manufacturer such as HORI, and because it also features a handy 4-port USB hub.

With this device you can use USB devices such as a wired controller, USB keyboard and LAN adapter. It also allows you to charge your Nintendo Switch while being in a table mode state. Tasty.

Of course the playing angle can be changed so you can play with an easy-to-see angle. The recommended angle is 30° to 60°. It is convenient to carry because it is not bulky even when placed in a bag or pouch. In addition, the stand part opens and closes and protects the terminal, it is possible to prevent breakage of the terminal part while carrying. Handy.

If you'd like to pick this up ahead of a future Western release, you can pre-order today from Play-Asia for $38.99.  It will be available for shipping from 31st May onwards. Lovely.

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