Ratalaika Games has announced that Twin Robots: Ultimate Edition will be launching on Nintendo Switch on February 23rd.

An improved version of 2016's Twin Robots, released on Wii U, this game is a 2.5D platformer in which two little robots have been imprisoned, needing to find the way out of each level in a bid to escape. Unfortunately for them, and potentially for you, these levels get progressively harder and you'll need to ensure that both robots reach the exit to be successful.

Just like the original version of Twin Robots, this Ultimate Edition supports co-op play, allowing you and a friend to run, jump, puzzle solve, and transfer energy from one to the other in your bid for freedom. There appears to be a rather generous amount of extra content on offer, too, which you can check out below.


New levels
New sound track, by our compositor Levi Bond
Improved the physics system and the puzzles
Improved the camera system
New secret zones
Included achievements to encourage the exploration
Improved the graphics and the performance

We thought that the original showed some potential in our review, so we're hopeful that this new edition can raise the bar a little further. Will you be keeping an eye on this one?