We quite liked Super Toy Cars when it screeched onto the Wii U eShop back in 2014. If you missed it last time, then do not despair, the lovely folks over at Eclipse Games are giving you a second chance. Super Toy Cars will be powersliding onto the Switch eShop on 2nd March for $9.99/€9.99/£7.99.

If you are not in the know, Super Toy Cars is a tabletop arcade combat racing game which features fast and cool looking cars, impressive tracks made of everyday objects and a bunch of power-ups that will let you destroy your opposition. So yeah, it's basically Micro Machines!

Collect all cars and upgrades to keep up with competition while you progress in career mode or have a quick race either against AI opponents or against friends. You can also play up to four players locally.

Have a watch of the trailer above and let us know if you'll be taking this for a spin in March.