NIS America had its annual press event a few days ago and it unveiled a slew and new titles and news on localised versions of its current Japanese library. Among the announcements, the publisher revealed fantastical strategy RPG Labyrinth Of Refrain: Coven Of Dusk is coming to consoles and PC in the autumn with both digital and physical versions planned.

It's a odd little title, one centered around a 'puppet' mechanic that enables you to create a party-style brigade full of creatures you can control and send into battle at will. These puppets can be assigned different roles, which will come in very hand as the further you explore its deep-set dungeons, the tougher the monsters you encounter become.

Alongside LOR:COD, NIS America also revealed that Touhou Genso Wanderer Reloaded will be heading to western Switches later this year. Happy Birthdays will launch on 29th March, Fallen Legion: Rise To Glory will arrive on 1st June in Europe.