Rocket League, that stealth hit that blended genres before going supernova in 2015, is getting another licensed tie-in - this time in the form of big-time wrestling promotion, WWE. The partnership will see some new 'rasslin-related items added to the mix, although the developer hasn't officially revealed what they'll be just yet. The collection will be hitting the game this spring.

There's also plenty of other official tie-ins coming to Psyonix's vehicular footie romp, including a DC crossover that brings a new set of Batmobile designs to the game (because you can never have too many Batmobiles). It'll also include lots of other superhero-related items for your motor. This little pack is due on 5th March.

So more stuff for Rocket League, and WWE stuff at that. Will you be adding a little Undertaker hat to your car or maybe a Stone Cold skull on your antenna? Let's just hope there's nothing Roman Reigns related in there...