Indie developer Undercoders has announced that Superola and The Lost Burgers will be releasing on Nintendo Switch on February 22nd.

In the game, players control a burger-loving llama in its quest to recover the delicious hamburgers stolen by an alien hotdog race. Don't worry, we have pinched ourselves to make sure that we are indeed awake and typing this correctly. Superola and The Lost Burgers is packed full with platforming action, including an original storyline, tons of secrets, boss fights, rhythm-controlled bonus rounds, a catchy chiptune soundtrack, and lots of classic gaming references. You can check out some of the game's features below.

Superola and The Lost Burgers game features:

Challenging llama platforming action: Fast reflexes needed for a high speed scrolling challenge! Superola will have to jump over obstacles, avoid pits, grab burgers and shoot the hell out of enemies! Players will have to learn to control floatability in underwater stages, train their rhythm in bonus rounds and prepare for final boss fights.

Packed with content: With over 70 stages to complete, Superola’s world is vast and varied. From the grasslands to the hotdog spaceship, Superola will have to escape from the volcano, explore the abandoned castle, skate through the city and battle penguins on the frozen mountain. Visiting shops for tips to find secret stages and shortcut paths will be a must too!

A unique story: Superola will meet strange characters, collect special items, unlock new areas, discover the real plans of the invading hotdog aliens and get back the delicious hamburgers! Will players be able to achieve the 100% completion status?

VS mode challenge: Players can compete against friends in an increasingly difficult endless multiplayer mode, to see who can make it farther. New stages and costumes can be unlocked in story mode!

The game is scheduled to release at $5.99/€5.99 and, with that amount of craziness bundled into one package, we can't help but be hugely intrigued by its imminent release. Will you be helping this hungry llama on its quest when the game launches later this month? Let us know your thoughts down below.