Nintendo Switch

It’s interesting to think about where public opinion was on the Switch at this time last year. After the Wii U, people were skeptical that the Switch would be able to find a major audience, and the admittedly anemic launch lineup didn’t do much to convince skeptics that things would go over well. Fortunately, the Switch turned out to go from strength to strength; it’s already outsold the Wii U, and things have never been better for the hybrid.

The NPD results for January just came in, and they paint a picture of an industry in rude health. Hardware sales doubled year-on-year, with consumers collectively spending $278 million on gaming hardware. PS4 led the month in terms of dollar sales, but the Switch sold the most units, so it was a bit of a tie between the two. Even so, it’s also worth mentioning that this was a tight race; there was only a three percent sales gap between the best-selling platform and the third best-selling platform.

What do you think? Did you pick up a Switch in January? Do you think it’ll be able to maintain it’s pace? Share your thoughts in the comments below.