Japanese studio Kodokawa Games has confirmed its 2016 strategy RPG God Wars: Future Past is getting repackaged for Nintendo Switch. Called God Wars: Great War Of Japanese Mythology, this updated version includes a brand new scenario, some extra playable characters, lots more battles stages to fight through and various tweaks to gameplay.

That new scenario, entitled 'Labyrinth of Yomi', depicts what happened to Kaguya and his ill-fated company. Improvements include increased battle speed, the power to take eight units into battle rather than six and other little additions to make the strategic gameplay that bit smoother than the original incarnation. No word yet on a release date, or whether this entry will make it beyond Japanese eShops, but it should be noted Future Past got a western release so it's not beyond the realm of possibility.

Let us know what you make of the news. Have you played Future Past? Will you give Great War Of Japanese Mythology a go if given the chance? Comment!