It's probably quite safe to say that everyone here loves video games, and a healthy majority likely enjoy scoffing endless amounts of chocolate, so these Splatoon 2-themed chocolate eggs are sure to catch your eye.

With 16 available figures hidden inside the eggs, with one of them being a 'secret', this Splatoon range of confectionery will be challenging the likes of Kinder Surprise for the ultimate chocolate/small toy crown. The Japanese Splatoon Twitter account has shared some images of what you can expect from inside the eggs, and we can't help but want every last one of them.

Splatoon Eggs

The sad news, as if often the case with cool little oddities, is that they are only currently available in Japan. Some stores seem to offer worldwide shipping but you may struggle to avoid some hefty delivery charges.

The figures might not stand up to the amiibo level of quality but, as a cute little gift inside an egg, we can see these going down a treat among fans of the game. Would you be snapping these up if you had the chance? Let us know your thoughts down below.