Mad Gear Games has announced that A Hole New World will be arriving on Nintendo Switch on 1st March.

The game, which was originally intended to be released on Wii U following a successful Kickstarter campaign, is a 2D, arcade-inspired adventure that sees players jumping, shooting, and taking on giant bosses to acquire their powers in a world that has been invaded by monsters.

A Hole New World throws you right into the fray; with no tutorials or 'easy mode' options, and consisting of a simple two-button approach used to jump and shoot, you'll instantly find yourself neck deep in the nostalgic action, relying on your companion and potions to help you. The game has received generally positive reviews on other platforms, and could well be a nice little addition to the Switch's eShop.

Will you be exploring A Hole New World when it launches on 1st March? Let us know your thoughts below.