Nintendo Labo is a bit special, as you'll know if you read our hands-on piece from last week. With humble cardboard Nintendo could potentially create a whole new "DIY gaming" gaming sub-genre, and we personally can't wait to get our hands on these lovely kits (again) to create more Toy-Con goodness.

However, in the age of the internet you can bet your bottom dollar that whenever something - anything - cool is announced, there will be a vocal minority who moan about it. You could reveal the secret of eternal youth for free online tomorrow and still get some people complaining that they "don't wanna b kiddies 4 eva bro, gots me some CoD to play yall" or some other such nonsense. Sigh

Anyway, whenever this kind of thing happens our video guru Alex likes to trawl the web to find the most amusing reactions, and boy have we got some good ones for you here. Enjoy.