Another weekend is almost upon us, bringing with it the latest weapon addition to everyone's favourite paintball/squid/turf war mash up, Splatoon 2

This time around we see the return of the Rapid Blaster Deco, complete with its signature luminous yellow stickers on the side. It will come with the Suction Bomb as its sub weapon, and the Inkjet as its special; in the original Splatoon it came with the Bomb Rush as its special weapon so it will be interesting to see how players adapt.

As always, the update will likely roll out at 6pm Pacific / 9pm Eastern today (26th January), which means the early hours of the morning (2am UK / 3am CET) in Europe.

Was this a weapon that you favoured in the original game, or are you perhaps looking forward to using for the first time over the coming days? Feel free to sound off about your latest Turf War experiences in the comments below.