While the internet goes crazy in reaction to Nintendo Labo and its cardboard constructs, another curve ball has been thrown in Nintendo Switch's general direction. KORG (the Japanese electronics giant that specialises in keyboards, guitar pedals and studio recording equipment) will be bringing its KORG Gadget music production software to your handheld console.

Coming spring 2018, the versatile experience is like having a proper music studio in your pocket, but don't let that intimidate you. It turns the empowering art of creating music into a game-like experience, where you can actually twist and turn your Joy-Cons to make and manipulate sounds. There's even a multiplayer-mode, where you and up to three musically-minded friends can collaborate on a song together. It's already appeared on iOS and Android, but it looks to be a unique experience on Switch thanks to the platform's focus on local play and motion control. And there's plenty of scope for some party antics with friends, says KORG:

"Using the Nintendo Switch dock's HDMI cable, the KORG Gadget can be played on your TV. You can create a song on the big screen, or enjoy collaborating with up to four people. Also, by outputting to a screen, you can even using the Joy-Con for a live performance."

With 16 unique embedded synthesizer and drum machine gadgets, it's an incredibly dynamic bit of kit and adds a special new feather to Switch's ever-growing hat. Are you a music maker? We're getting some nice Wii Music vibes from KORG Gadget, but what do you think?

[via korg.com]