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    Switch eShop

    Review Tennis

    Simple name, even simpler game

    When Wii Sports helped to launch Nintendo Wii back in 2006, the Tennis mode was lauded as one of the reasons to own the console and an instant hit with gamers of any age or skill level. Its simple yet addictive gameplay was easy to pick up on and follow, and on top of that it shipped with four other excellent sports to...

Saturday27th Jan 2018

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    Switch eShop

    Review Lost Sphear

    Lost and found

    By this point in time, JRPGs have come quite a long way since their humble beginnings, and it seems like every new release is trying to find a way to reinvent the wheel once more with a flashy new battle system or premise. Even so, there’s a certain kind of charm to the relative simplicity of early JRPGs, and that’s what Tokyo RPG...

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  • Feature Bugging Out With Hollow Knight's Team Cherry

    The other dark Knight

    Hollow Knight is a cute yet dark Metroidvania from the talented minds at Australian developer Team Cherry. After a hugely successful 2017, the insectoid platformer is preparing to embark on the greatest adventure of all as it makes its way to Nintendo Switch this year. To celebrate its impending arrival, Nintendo Life was lucky...

  • News Legendary Cover Artist Bob Wakelin Passes Away

    Leaving behind a legacy of amazing covers

    It is with great sadness that we have to report the passing of Bob Wakelin, one of the most prolific video game cover artists of his generation. The name might not be familiar - especially if you're reading this in North America - but Wakelin's creations will be instantly recognisable. A one-time Marvel UK...

  • Feature The Best Zelda Cosplays To Hyrule Them All

    The best fan-made costumes rupees can buy

    The Legend Of Zelda series of games is loved by Nintendo fans world-wide, and has proved popular with cosplayers around the globe as a way of showing their appreciation for its myriad characters and creatures. With Breath Of The Wild winning multiple awards in 2017 and frequenting the top of many 'game of...

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    Switch eShop

    Review Super Meat Boy

    A meaty adventure

    Stop us if you've heard this one before; Switch just got a port of a last-gen classic and it's selling like hotcakes. Super Meat Boy is the latest success story on Nintendo's latest hardware, despite having released on Wii U late in 2016. SMB is the brainchild of Binding Of

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    Switch eShop

    Review Arcade Archives Double Dragon

    Brief, flawed but enjoyable arcade action

    Scrolling beat ‘em ups may be simple affairs that just have you moving along smacking groups of thugs in the face, but when they are done right they can be hugely entertaining. Before Streets Of Rage, before Final Fight the game that got people excited was Technos’ Double Dragon, which put you in control...

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    Switch eShop

    Review Ambition Of The Slimes

    Here come the slimes

    If you’ve ever played any type of RPG, especially those that see you exploring dark, dingy dungeons to kill off numerous enemies, you will almost undoubtedly have encountered your fair share of slimes. These little creatures have almost become the joke of the gaming world, the monster that gets thrown in as a tutorial because...

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    Switch eShop

    Review Shu

    Glide don't run

    Shu doesn't reflect many modern 2D platformer trends. It's far too old school for that. Rather perversely, it's this traditional approach that makes the game feel rather fresh. We're not dealing with an explorative Metroidvania here, nor is Shu a roguelike with randomised levels and permadeath. It's just a plain old fashioned...

  • News Nintendo Switch Tops US Sales In December, 3DS Sales Highest Since 2014

    Nintendo hardware is flying off North American shelves

    According to data collected by NPD Group, a firm that tracks video game sales in the United States, Nintendo Switch sold more units than any other console during the month of December. The five weeks in question saw Switch shift a tidy 1.5 million consoles in one of the busiest months in...

  • News First Labo's Cardboard Piano, Now KORG Gadget Lets You Make Music With Your Joy-Cons

    Music is the answer

    While the internet goes crazy in reaction to Nintendo Labo and its cardboard constructs, another curve ball has been thrown in Nintendo Switch's general direction. KORG (the Japanese electronics giant that specialises in keyboards, guitar pedals and studio recording equipment) will be bringing its KORG Gadget music production

  • Nintendo Download 18th January (Europe)

    All the new games, demos and DLC heading EU and UK eShops

    If you're are recovered from last night's Nintendo Labo hype, you'll notice that there's another fun packed European Nintendo Download to enjoy! This week's haul brings in plenty of new titles to choose from, including two versions of the gory Darkest Dungeon, the light-hearted puzzling of...

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    Switch eShop

    Review Yōdanji

    Ghosts in the machine

    While some videogame genres remain quite open-ended in interpretation - puzzles or platformers, for instance - others have become decidedly codified. Perhaps no template exemplifies this phenomenon as much as the ‘roguelike’, a game type born from its 1980 PC namesake and with a modern presence on nearly every console under...

  • News D3 Publisher Primes A Salvo Of Switch eShop Titles

    Tennis! Billiards! Escape Trick! Erm, Men!

    D3 Publisher is bringing five new titles to the Switch eShop in both Japan and the west, it has been confirmed. The first is Tennis, which will be available in Japan on January 25th and will cost 800 Yen. It showcases 8 characters and 6 courts. The game supports the Pro Controller, but you can also...

  • News Irem's Kid Niki Returns Next Week Thanks to Hamster ACA

    Half radical, half ninja, full Niki

    January 25th is becoming quite the notable date for retro gamers who own a Nintendo Switch and we now have word of yet another reason to be excited for next week; Irem's 1986 Kid Niki: Radical Ninja (also known as Kaiketsu Yanchamaru in the Land of the Rising Sun) will join the platform and have the radical honor...

  • Feature Shooting The Breeze With Chromagun Developer, Pixel Maniacs

    "It’s a love-letter to Portal"

    Chromagun is a first person puzzle game with more than a passing resemblance to Valve's much loved Portal games. Despite the immediate similarities, its developer hopes to impress with its own sense of witty humour and fiendishly clever colour based puzzles. With only three colours to choose from, it might seem that...

  • News You Can Now Sign Up For Nintendo Labo Workshops In The UK

    Go hands on

    Nintendo UK has released information relating to a series of Labo workshops it will be holding next month. From February 14th to 17th, the company will be holding events where you can go hands-on with the new product in South Kensington, London. The deadline for registering your interest is February 1st. If you’re a parent/guardian...

  • News Rock Out To This Brand New Trailer For MUSYNX on Nintendo Switch

    Portable rhythm action

    PM Studios has revealed a brand new trailer for their rhythm action game MUSYNX, specifically focusing on the Nintendo Switch version coming later this year. The game will feature more than 50 songs to choose from across a variety of genres including pop, classical, trance, rock, and more. MUSYNX was originally a mobile...

  • Preview Hands On And Flying High With Dustoff Heli Rescue 2

    Get to da choppa!

    Much like its mobile and PC-based predecessor, Dustoff Heli Rescue 2 is arcade-style helicopter sim that sees you moving left and right across a 2.5D plane in a variety of customisable whirly birds. Only three of this skyward machines were available in the first game, which increases to a much more satisfying nine this time around...

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  • News Switch Owner Is Reunited With Their Lost Handheld Thanks To Reddit

    Start 2018 with a feed good story

    What better way to kick off a brand new year than a heartwarming story about one gamer and their journey from lost Nintendo Switch to heartfelt reunion? A story involving the positive power of Reddit no less? Maybe we ate a little too much cheese on New Year's Eve... The story first popped up on Reddit last week...

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