News - 2017, Week 36

Monday11th Sep 2017

  • News Fan-Made 'Super Mario 64 Online' Released

    Mario 64 times 24 players

    In a move that is sure to turn quite a few heads both inside and outside of Nintendo's legal department, the fan-made Super Mario 64 Online has been released by Kaze Emanuar. After an extended test period, the author deemed the current build ready for public consumption, and you can check the release trailer below...

  • News Lichtspeer Developer Suggests That Nintendo Has Switch Achievements in the Works


    The most recent Switch eShop download update was a busy one, with some intriguing titles arriving on the store. One of these was Lichtspeer: Double Speer Edition, a stylish and quirky game in which you try to resist waves of enemies by throwing javelins / spears at them. The Switch version has the added bonus of co-op, and having given this a...

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